Machine on his Layers of Destruction

He might be a little crazy, but there's a method to his madness. Watch the video to learn why Machine created this library and what it will do for your mixes.


Behind the Scenes

Join us for a quick peek of Machine at work, and see a small part of what goes into making a pack like this.


When you order Machine's Layers of Destruction, you'll get:

  • Machine's Layers of Destruction Sample Library ($97 value)Over 220+ samples recorded by Machine in top notch studios all around the world and refined over 2 decades. You are going to get Attacks, Chest Thumpers, Clap and Crowd Shots, Distorted Sounds, Explosions, Gunshots, Industrial Sounds, and sooo much more!
  • Mixing with Samples Masterclass with Machine ($97  value) - 2+ hours of training on exactly how to use the samples in your mixes.
  • How to Mix Drums with Drumforge ($67 value) - 4 day class to show you how to mix drums from scratch so that you’ll finally understand the foundation of drum mixing thoroughly which means you'll have complete confidence in your drum mixing abilities
  • Mixer's Edge Workshop ($97 value) - A 4 day course on how to stand out as a mixer including over 5+ hours of live stream replays from Joey Sturgis, Joel Wanasek, and Machine with MASSIVE golden nuggets throughout.
  • Drum Mixing Mastery ($197 value) - a quick but thorough deep dive on drum mixing principles so you can master the art of drum mixing!
  • Drum Mixing Mastery Includes:
  • Cymbal Mixing Hacked - The secrets to making your cymbals sound exactly the way you want without all the harshness
  • Get Your Drums to Cut Through Any Mix - A dependable method for making any kind of drum sound punch through your mix, no matter how many layers you’ve got
  • EQ Your Drums Like A Pro - Years of EQ knowledge packed into a simple and easy to understand mixing guide that will totally change the way you create drum mixes
  • The Secret to Xciting Drum Mixes - Looking for that extra 10% to beat out the competition? Try this secret weapon.
  • Demystifying Snare Drum Compression - Snares often are the key element that separate the pros from the amateurs. Learn the artform of compressing snares competitively in this never seen before video.

Fast Action Bonus - BUY NOW and you'll get Machine's Classic Kit ($37 value)
Multi-sample / Multi-layer / Multi-velocity drum samples created with a one of a kind handmade drum kit, recorded at the original Machine Shop in NJ.

There's also a bonus offer you can add to your order to get Machine’s Secret Drum Shop Samples.

Total value of this offer is over $500, yours for only $97 today.


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